About Me

I’ve been skiing as long as I can remember. From the first time I ever had skis strapped on my feet at age 4 to the current Elan parabolic skis that I use now, I’ve always had them on my feet and snow underneath. I grew up in the shadow durango-986396_960_720Breckenridge, Colorado where there is a lot of skiing. While not everyone can become professionals here, I don’t think that makes the hobby any less important. Getting yourself out in the fresh air, the wind in your face, and experience nature in a different way.

I do think that watching the tournaments on TV is amazing. Professionals have a skill that has been practiced over endless hours as well as having enough natural talent to perform those skills that they do. I have been fascinated by ski carving, however I do appreciate the other aspects of skiing. I do understand that winter sports are not for everyone. Some people prefer the heat that comes with beach volleyball while others prefer doing indoor sports like roller derby, but skiing is for me. I also tried snowboarding as most rebellious teenagers try at some point, but I found that skiing is where my natural ability is.

I really think that it is important to get all children out and into some sports of any variety. I’m not saying that everyone is to be able to go to the Olympics, but I think there is a life lesson in sports, even winter sports, that gives you skills and an appreciation for nature that you don’t have otherwise. And don’t forget how healthy it is when your body is able to get out get away from your phones and tablets and have a break from technology.

The advancements of technology, while they have been beneficial for so many things that are impossible to understand or calculate, there have been some major setbacks as well. I’m glad that we have the ability to use Google and the google-485611_960_720Internet and have a wealth information at our fingertips, but I think that it also promotes the sedentary lifestyle that is not healthy for any human let alone children. I even heard somewhere, and I’m not sure how accurate it is, that children today naturally have less melatonin then the generation before them and this is entirely due to the amount of screen time the children get. And I know that it is been debated over and over again whether screen time is debilitating to kids or not I think the most recent findings have confirmed that it is not overall, but I still I’m concerned about activity level and sleep issues that come of technology. Our children less able to get out and breathe the fresh air were before. We sidetracked from appreciating experiences with own bodies and getting up and moving. I really think that this has become a sad trend, but I’m hoping that we will get back to it and begin to enjoy the outdoors, especially winter sports.