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Snowboarding Surprisingly Uses Carving Techniques

Believe it or not, but snowboarding actually uses carving techniques just like skiing does. I know that may seem odd give that snowboarding uses an entirely different device to move than skiing does, but it is true. Here are some obvious similarities between skiing and snowboarding in case you were thinking that there really weren’t… Read more »

Carving in Competition

Carving, although once extremely challenging to learn, has become an integral part in most downhill completion since the introduction of shaped skis. The downhill ski technique of today uses a combo of skidding and carving, changing up the amount of control is needed to complete a turn at high speed. The technique of “pure carving”… Read more »

Lessons for Carving Beginners and Expers

First Timer If you are just a first timer you should really consider taking a lesson with the trained instructor to get you down the hill safely and off to the right foot. Here are some good ideas or just needs to know before you get started. If your first time or what you should… Read more »

Improving Your Carving Technique

As ski season sets off into full swing, I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am to get out there and get skiing. I want to feel that cold wind in my face and let my body glide gracefully down the hill. I have been skiing my entire life and have still found myself… Read more »

8 Simple Steps to Learn How to Carve

If you have ever seen the ski racers doing a run down a hill and wondered “how can I ever be that good?” We have some ideas for you! Even if you have never watched them, but you just want to know how to travel at a fast speed while carving some deep cuts in… Read more »

Getting your Kids into Skiing

If you’ve been wondering whether you can get your kids involved in skiing, I have some ideas for you. Skiing is a great activity for children, he gets them out in the fresh air away from TV, phones, tablets and it gets their body moving. I think that if every family worked on a little… Read more »

How to Prepare for a Ski Outing

No matter how experienced you are as a skier, you need to pay close attention to the weather and conditions before setting out. As the ski season kicks into full swing, you will want a fun, safe, and memorable outing or vacation. For some people, the hassle of organizing and planning a ski trip is… Read more »