As I have been around the mountain for quite a while, I have a brief list of some easy questions that you may have involving skiing and the carving technique:

Can a beginner carve immediately?

I would say no. Like with anything you have to learn the basics before you can ever expect to be messing with more advanced techniques. Start with learning how to start and stop before getting into how to carve your skis into the mountain.

What is the best brand of skis for carving?

I personally don’t think there is really any brand that is better than other. Your body and ability will determine the kind of skis that are ideal for you. Skis are made with different sizes of carves and material so you will really need to do your research and try some out before committing to a specific brand.

Does carving require any other special equipment?

If you have a set of shaped or parabolic skis, you really don’t need anything special. The standard ski gear will be just fine. You actually don’t need parabolic skis to carve to begin with, but it is more of an expert technique if you are doing it with straight skis.

Why don’t you carve in moguls?

When people are going down moguls in competition, they are gliding over the snow as quickly and smoothly as possible. You don’t want to carve into the snow because you don’t have the time for it. Keeping your skis parallel in moguls is what helps make it so you can move swiftly and with as little effort as possible. If you watch the pros go down moguls in competitions, I think you will understand.

Should you go skiing when it’s snowing?

You should never venture out in a storm. Unless you are a pro working in search and rescue or something, you don’t want to go out in a storm. You could get lost, caught in an avalanche, fall down a crevasse, or even hit a tree. It’s really not smart.

Why are skiers so tan if it’s cold?

You really need sunscreen when you go skiing. You are at a high elevation to start with, making the sun already more intense and then combine the reflective snow and the sun rays, you are bound to get burnt. Even if you are not prone to sunburns, be smart and protect your skin. Remember, Bob Marley even died of skin cancer, it has nothing to do with how well you tan.

Why do the lodges serve alcohol?

This is a good question, because drinking alcohol while skiing is a terrible idea. You need to have awareness of your surroundings and other skiers when you are on a mountain, so do not drink while you are skiing. The same rule applies like when you are driving a car. If you are enjoying the spirits of the lodge, make sure enough time has passed before getting back on the slopes or getting in your car to go home.