Getting your Kids into Skiing

If you’ve been wondering whether you can get your kids involved in skiing, I have some ideas for you. Skiing is a great activity for children, he gets them out in the fresh air away from TV, phones, tablets and it gets their body moving. I think that if every family worked on a little bit of outdoor activity that crisis of childhood obesity would be quickly eliminated. But how to get kids away from their screens and outside into the snow? I think starting with these few tips can get you started.


Most ski lessons will usually begin at the young age of three, but it might be easier if you start them around five, but it just really depends on the kid themselves. Downhill skiing is really something that you can do your entire life. While you can actually take on skiing at any age it is much easier to start at a younger age when your body is more forgiving we’re flexible and more agile. You’re also more willing to do things when you’re a kid because you haven’t developed the fear.


Make sure the kids are warm enough. Never underestimate how cold it is, because as you know while it may look sunny and nice, it is not always that way once on top of a snowy mountain at a high elevation. And winter conditions can ski-599877_960_720hit at any minute and they change rapidly, not just day-to-day but in the day itself. But the nice thing about skiing downhill is that you’re usually close by the lodges, so you can get off the mountain when you need to. Make sure that the kids have all of the same gear that you would expect of an adult, including a jacket, boots, pants, hat, goggles, gloves, as well as wearing layers to make sure there warm enough.


When it comes to skiing with children while some people like to buy their own gear, with kids usually renting is just a better option. Kids grow rapidly, where adult will be able to keep the same set of skis for many years to come. A kid can usually outgrow their own. It would be good to ask any local rental shop about any kind of leases you might be able to have for the entire season if you’re planning on going on the mountain quite a lot or if you just want to rent them for one time out to see how it goes.

pony-690258_1280Have Fun

You need to make the entire process fun in order for kids actually want to be able to do it. Don’t be too critical about what they’re doing and don’t focus too hard on technique; make it an adventure, a treat, and something that they’re gonna want to come back and do. One good incentive for skiing is the promise of hot cocoa when they’re done or even just a cocoa halfway through during a break. And really hot cocoa is nice because it’s cold outside.

Play Along

Make sure you’re also skiing with them. Don’t expect the kids to see you out there and be able to ski all by themselves. Make it a family event.You could even play the fun game to follow the leader. To help the kids learn how to do some turns and want to be able to ski downhill better with you play a game. The leader can pretend to be an animal or a car or something like that have every other kid pretend to be something different and then when you take a turn make a noise that imitates whatever you are. So like if you’re pretending to be a train then you can go to choo-choo as you go down the turns to get to down the hill.

As long as you’re not trying to make it work, you should be able to get your kids into skiing at a young age and make it something that they like to do as well as letting them get out and enjoy the outdoors in an entirely new and fun way.



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